6 Benefits of a Local Coworking Office (vs. Corporate)

July 24, 2019

Anyone shopping around for office space has surely come across industry giants like Regus, WeWork, or Industrious. Each of these brands offers something similar: Executive offices and/or coworking space in cities across the country (or world). That’s great for what it is. 

So we want to outline just a few of the benefits of choosing a local coworking office space instead one of the corporate conglomerates.

1. Affordable Pricing

If money isn’t a concern for you, then maybe a big-box office space is a fine option. But for the rest of the average business owners out there who are trying to avoid the extra spend, a local office space is ideal for at least this reason alone: Cost. 

For example, compared to other coworking spaces in Phoenix’s downtown area, The Department Coworking is the most affordable option for office space. And from what we’ve heard, that matters to growth-focused companies that are pursuing positive cashflow. 

Added bonus: amenities like conference room hours, endless coffee and cold beverages, color printing, notary services, professional address, weekly breakfasts, and monthly events—all at no extra expense.    

2. Flexible Terms

Many growth-minded businesses today are looking to avoid any kind of long-term lease commitment. Makes sense since they’re usually unsure about how quickly the team size could expand. Could be 3 more people in 3 months; could be 10 people in 18 months. Which is one reason why a long-term lease agreement isn’t well-suited for growing teams.  

For a digital marketing agency of 4 or 5 people, for example, or a small but growing web-dev team, most traditional Class B office spaces aren’t the right fit. Whether it’s the long-term leases, lack of amenities, boring, 1990s vibes, or extra fees for just about everything, traditional office spaces and landlords don’t really get what growing businesses need: Flexibility. 

So how about a month-to-month agreement?—Yes, even for private offices and team spaces. We can do that, and for no extra fee. 

3. Personalized Service

Do words like “kind, helpful, accommodating” describe the type of office you’re looking for? 

A local, independently-owned coworking space is more likely to care about its members. At The Department, we treat our members like friends. We seek to be on a first-name basis with everyone from the first time we talk to them. Our team even gives out our cell phone numbers to ensure that we’re accessible to our members day and night. 

Additionally, because local coworking spaces are not burdened by pages of bureaucratic policies, complicated processes, and a multi-tiered management structure, local spaces can customize both member agreements and day-to-day operations of the space to work best for each individual member.   

4. Unique Space

The environment in which one works plays a major role in productivity. And you gotta hand it to some of the corporate chains like Industrious and WeWork—they’ve really tried to make their spaces unique with cool-looking furniture and decor. They certainly have the budget to make that happen. But a locally-owned space will probably have a more unique feel to it—especially if it owns the building. A local office knows local vendors who they can partner with to create a space that is truly unique instead of perfectly cookie-cutter.

According to one member at The Department Coworking, “This is the epitome of an awesome coworking space with the super creative techy vibe.” 

(Maybe that’s why we were just recently selected as the Valley’s Best Coworking Space in Phoenix magazine!)

5. Local Amenities

In a recent New York Times piece, one local coworking space founder in Pennsylvania put it like this: Small business are “better served in boutique co-working spaces than in national chains like WeWork, and would benefit from more amenities than in conventional office spaces.” 

We couldn’t have said it better.

The amenities of each locally-owned coworking space can be curated and catered towards their members—not governed by corporate overlords (too strong?) at one of the company’s three international headquarters. At The Department, for example, we have a rotating selection of locally-sourced, locally-roasted coffee. When we hire vendors for anything from food and drinks for events to branding specialists and web hosting services, we don’t necessarily look for the cheapest option (‘cause you get what you pay for);  we look for small businesses here in Phoenix that can offer us and our members a quality product or experience.    

6. Community Focus

While some of the large coworking businesses are focused on global domination, local businesses aim to support other local businesses and charities. Local coworking spaces typically focus more on building and nurturing the community both inside its walls and in the surrounding city.  

Added bonus: As with patronage of any local business, a larger percentage of your dollar is being reinvested into the state and local economy and supporting local jobs. 

And in partnership with #YesPHX and the AZ Coworking Alliance, The Department is dedicated to growing the business community in the downtown Phoenix area. With networking events and a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, The Department Coworking is built from the community, established in the community, and designed for the community.

With a business community of over 100 companies and 250 individuals, The Department Coworking is focused on helping local businesses grow and scale through flexible space at the most affordable prices in downtown Phoenix. Interested in trying it out?

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