5 Reasons Why Large Companies Choose Coworking Offices

July 31, 2019

It’s the age-old question that philosophers have pondered and facility managers still wrestle with: 

Commercial office or coworking space? 

We’re here to make the decision easier for you. Let’s talk about just a few of the ways a private office within a coworking environment works better than traditional commercial space for large companies.

So here are 5 ways coworking offices outshine traditional commercial offices:


In today’s fast-paced environment of start-ups and growth-oriented companies, no one is really looking for a long-term lease contract right now. Flexibility is the name of the game. 

Most commercial offices are looking to lock you into a 5 or 8-year lease agreement. But how does that make any sense for the modern business with fast-growing teams? 

Don’t get locked into some long-term contract. Large companies are smart to take advantage of a coworking space—even if just for the flexible terms. 

At The Department Coworking, we are happy to work with companies to customize an agreement that works for the needs of your growing business. Then, when (not if) you outgrow your space here, we will even help you find a new, larger space within the building for your team to call home.   


Traditional offices are known either for huge rooms full of felt-walled cubicles or for unusually long, quiet hallways lined with closed doors. 

But with a private office suite in a coworking space, you get to choose how to best utilize the space for your needs.  

At The Department Coworking, we have intentionally designed our space options for the scaling businesses, like Virtuous CRM, that continue to grow their team size. Whether a company is looking for a remote office for 1 to 2 people, or a large, 5,000+ square foot suite for a team, we probably have the right solution for you. 

We offer the following spaces for companies to consider:

  • Desks in the open coworking space
  • Private 1-4 person offices
  • Team offices and suites
  • An entire floor of the building custom designed for you
  • (or any combination of the above!)

Interested in seeing for yourself? Send us a note.


Many traditional offices come with 3 basic things: walls, electricity, and a door.  

But what if we told you that you could enjoy a furnished private office suite, access to high-tech conference rooms, and the open feel and free amenities of a coworking space for no extra fee?  

With a coworking office suite, there’s no nickel-and-diming. Amenities such as conference rooms (enough for everyone!), coffee, soda, sparkling water, color printing, notary services, mail services, community events, and super-fast WiFi (of course) are all included without extra fees. 

And not only are the amenities of a coworking space a built-in value-add to any company, but they are also helpful in attracting and retaining top talent. 

Employees today—especially Millennials—want to work somewhere that offers them more than a paycheck. Whether it’s the outside balconies, the sparkling drinks, the wellness room, or all of the natural light, the amenities of the space itself matter to your current (and future) workforce.  


A coworking office is perfect for growth-focused businesses, community-minded entrepreneurs, strategic startups, and small teams. 

As opposed to most traditional office space, a coworking office provides businesses daily access to an intentional community of people. People who represent a diversity of ideas, unique experiences, and the opportunity for mutually beneficial connections.


Be proud of your office. 

Establish your business in a place that makes your employees feel valued and increases productivity

Meet with your clients in a space that makes them say, “Oh, wowwww!” (instead of causing them to wonder whose grandmother designed the place).

The Department Coworking offers a professional office environment that is completely unique compared to most commercial offices—and even other modern coworking spaces. Located in a building that’s over 100 years old, The Department Coworkings has historic roots in the downtown Phoenix business community.

Once inside, you’ll notice The Department Coworking’s interior is filled with steel and wood textures that create an artisan’s aesthetic. This is an ode to the industrious, creative, hard-working, individuals and teams that make up our community.

So if you’re a large company in the market for office space, consider a place that gives you the requirements of an executive suite with all of the benefits of a cool coworking environment. Visit The Department today!

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