June 27, 2019

The Problem

We get it. As an entrepreneur in growth mode, adding overhead like a private office space is terrifying. You don’t have time to compare coworking office spaces in the area.

But as you grow your team, what’s the tipping point?

  • Endlessly being the guy getting side-eyed for taking client calls at the community desk?
  • Phone booths never being available on short notice, and also not giving you the Zoom meeting glow you need?
  • Or feeling like your home office isn’t as great as you thought it’d be?

On the flip side, the cost of working with a commercial real estate agent to get your own space—driven by fees and five year commitments—seems out of reach too. 

Your Solution

Good news: There’s a middle ground. It’s coworking with a door.

It’s fully furnished, has a daily cleaning crew, and fridges are stocked for you. (One less thing on your plate!) 

You get the address you need—1 North First Street, Downtown Phoenix—and a concierge to make client meetings feel legitimate.

At The Department, we’re entrepreneurs in growth mode just like you. We’re a group of guys who actually own our building. And we hate the fact that entrepreneurs usually have to feel stuck when it comes to stepping into growth mode. 

So how about this:

  • Short-term leases (yep)
  • No brokerage fees (right)
  • Best prices in the area (check)
  • And skyrise views (we got those too)

Not to brag, but if you compare pricing on offices at The Department, WeWork, Regus (Spaces), Galvanize, and Office Bowl, The Department is the best deal around. (We even did the research for you!) No hidden fees, and parking is even included with a private office… that’s unheard of here in downtown Phoenix.

Want to feel the vibe? Take us up on two hours of free conference room time in exchange for us being able to send you ‘cool to us’ emails. Pretty good deal. Let us know at when you want to come see us.

For more information on The Department Coworking, visit our website.

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