3 Ways Downtown Helps You Get Down to Business

December 18, 2019

There’s no question that the bright lights and festive nights in downtown Phoenix can woo customers, impress potential partners and lure employees. Downtown is where the action is when the Valley of the Sun grows dark.

But when it comes to the workday, do you really need to be downtown? After all, it’s just you and your work, right? No need to step out when there’s a job to be done. Aren’t all those people and places just a tempting distraction?

On the contrary. Instead of being a distraction, downtown can help you do your job better. Access breeds success. And working downtown gives you access to a powerful business mojo, access to powerful people and…access to powerful coffee. 

Yes, coffee. Hold on, we’ll get to that.

Feel the Part

You’ve heard the old adage, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” There are some powerful arguments that it truly works. Well, why not dress your business, so to speak, for the success you want? 

Downtown Phoenix has been the heart of Arizona commerce since the late days of the 19th century. Would your business fit in among the national and international corporations? Alongside the arts and cultural institutions? There’s only one way to be sure.

To stride past Symphony Hall and into your office or coworking space in a smartly refurbished historic building on a Monday morning is to know you’re there to do business — like generations before you. 

In a 2016 interview with the Chicago Tribune, Joshua Dorkin of BiggerPockets said: “I believe that there is a certain energy found in folks that live and work in the city centers that you just often don’t see in people who would prefer to work in a slower-paced environment.”

It’s true. You can feel it. And that energy can fuel you and your company’s fortunes in today’s competitive environment.

On the other hand, working from home does offer you superior access to the Cheez-Its in the pantry.

Stay Connected, Inspired

Young and creative professionals are attracted to living in cities. 

And you will meet them downtown. You will meet entrepreneurs at lunch. You will meet potential partners in your coworking space. You will meet possible new hires on public transportation — but no matter where you find them, it is all networking…and inspiration.

To be around other visionaries is to feed your own ambition. Perhaps you will find a mentor or even a rival — a friendly one, we hope. Entrepreneur Gerald Wilmink recognized this when he spoke to the Chicago Tribune about working downtown:

“Innovation happens in the heart of cities,” he said. “You are surrounded by free thinkers and big new ideas. Who knows? You could find your next big partner on your lunch break.”

The biggest part of this urban boom is the millennial generation, now the nation’s largest workforce segment. Their preference for downtown living and amenities is changing the business landscape.

Governing magazine, a publication for state and local leaders, pointed out in a 2016 article that “attracting and retaining millennial workers seems to require having a downtown office.”

“Probably for the first time in history, instead of people moving where jobs are,” Tom Murphy, a senior fellow at the Urban Land Institute, told the magazine, “jobs are moving where the talent is.”

Keep Your Focus


We told you we’d get there — and quite possibly it was coffee that helped you get this far. 

There’s no need to rehash the properties of the office wonder drug. If it was just about the caffeine, you could get by on your kitchen Keurig. Maybe even Mr. Coffee and a heaping helping of Folger’s.

Actually, we’re saying that the opportunity to unplug from the office and take your work to a nearby coffee shop — such as downtown Phoenix’s Cartel Coffee Lab — is much less a hipster affectation and more a great way to boost your focus on your work and your results.

The productivity gurus at FacileThings make a strong case: “Surrounded by focused and motivated people who work hard, you start working better,” they say. We’re not prepared to argue with anyone who quotes Belgian researchers and findings “correlating brainwave & psychometric changes with workplace acoustics.” 

White noise! It’s good for your creativity!

But the rejuvenating qualities of a cup of joe and the beneficial buzz of the coffee shop isn’t all downtown has to offer when it comes to improving focus.

A walk around the block in the middle of a hard task prevents “vigilance decrement” — which is a fancy way of saying of losing focus over time.

A business lunch at a nearby restaurant (say, The Arrogant Butcher and their smoked pork Cubano) can relax your brain even as your sharpen your networking skills and consider your tasks from fresh angles.

The buzz and bustle of downtown is not a distraction to business — no, that is the hum of businesses operating at a higher level.

The Department Helps You Build Your Business

Once known as the Korrick Department Store, this building has more than a century’s worth of history at the heart of Arizona business. Newly refurbished with a wood-and-steel artisan’s aesthetic, The Department is opening up a new floor and is ready to welcome businesses that want to be tied into downtown.

And be sure, downtown is where the big deals are happening.

The Department offers the amenities — creative and innovative spaces, fast Internet, housekeeping, security — to allow you to focus on your business. 

You don’t have to wait to see if your business will outgrow your garage or your suburb. Let it run with the big dogs downtown. If you’ve got what it takes, your business will keep pace. While you’re there, you’re going to meet the people who will work with you, work for you and inspire you to be better.

And the coffee? The power lunch? That creative energy that thrives in the shadows of skyscrapers? It’s all there, too — just outside the doors.

If you want to see it for yourself, don’t hesitate to check it out. Schedule a tour with us, see the space, talk to our people, and discover what being in the heart of downtown Phoenix is doing for so many of our coworking colleagues.

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