Get to Know Our Community Manager

January 28, 2019

Community Manager Appreciation Day

Community managers can make or break a coworking space. At The Department, we are lucky to have one of the best community managers out there. Marissa runs the show!

Watch the video to find out what Marissa does around here and some other fun facts about our favorite “Velvet Hammer.”

Marissa’s Interview

What do you do here?

I would say my job is mostly member services. Just making sure everybody as a member has what they need. I just try to be as helpful as possible and be a friendly smile when they get off the elevator.

What do you love most about working at the Department?

I really do enjoy the people here. We have a great group of people who work at our office. I feel like I get to be in charge of it all. I try to not let it go to my head. It’s like “Okay, Marissa, you’re just sitting there at the desk and making coffee.” But it’s also fun to kinda get to do all the things and make the decisions like, “huh, you want a Twix bar? We’ll see if you get a Twix bar!”

…(I don’t really think like that, haha.)

What did you do before this job?

Before this job I was a teacher. I taught junior high English. That’s why I didn’t last long.

How do you choose the music for the office?

There is a schedule every day: Monday is coffee house. You gotta ease into the week. Tuesday is happy folk. Wednesday I have a little fun—I start out with break up ballads and I follow it up with make-out jams. (I just feel like those balance each other out.) Country Thursday, and Friday is usually pop, ready-for-the-weekend music.

…I don’t know if anyone notices; I can’t even hear it from my desk.

How did you feel when you heard Tim Tebow got engaged?

Hmmm, you know what? I was actually really at peace about it. I thought, “You know I don’t think he’s the one.” 5 years ago I wouldn’t have been, but we all mature and grow up. I did get a few texts though!

Any hidden talents?

Not really. Pretty low talented… I can babysit pretty well. Like I’m pretty good with kids. I don’t know if that’s a talent but…

Any fun facts about you?

I like to add water to my milk and call it “watermilk.” Two-thirds milk, one-third water.  

This is super weird: I like to once a month sleep on my floor; that way if I’m ever somewhere I don’t have a bed, I can always sleep. Like say, prison, or somewhere…I don’t know. You never know what might happen. I don’t know if that’s a skill you need, but I got it. I can sleep anywhere.

Thank you for all that you do for us, Marissa!

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