Last-Minute Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs

December 18, 2018

If you have any entrepreneurs or small business owners in your life, you know that it’s probably been another very head-down, hard-working year for them. The day-to-day grind of trying to get a business off the ground or get that next round of funding—or even just make enough to keep the lights on—can be exhausting. That’s why we asked some of our members here at The Department what kinds of gifts would make their lives a little easier with everything they have going on.

So take some time this holiday season to treat your friends who are out there hustling everyday (and most nights) to something they really want. 

Or, maybe you’re the entrepreneur—then share this list with your friends and family and #treatyoself (no judgment here).  

Amazon Prime Membership

We did mention this is a last-minute gift guide—so getting an Amazon Prime membership can be helpful for anyone! With this membership, you get access to movies, books, and free 1-day shipping on millions of items. You can gift a 3-month membership or give them a whole year.

Books, Books, and more Books

It seems like there are at least a quadrillion business, leadership, and self-help books out there, and a billion more published each year. And while those are always easy gift options, consider getting a book that’s a little off the beaten path, while still highly relevant and interesting. Try a biography on an inventor or entrepreneur; or a real-life tale about strength and endurance; or maybe just a fun, “I need to check out for about an hour or two” kind of read.

Need help choosing? Here are two highly rated biographies on entrepreneurs:

Delivering Happiness
Elon Musk

Audible Membership

Real talk: The start-up life doesn’t allow for a lot of free time to just sit down and read a physical book. But since “all leaders are readers,” as Harry Truman philosophized, reading is still a hugely important part of being successful in business. So what’s the answer to this dilemma? Audiobooks. Audible will let them listen to books while they’re driving, at the gym, on their lunch break—wherever! Give your business-focused friend the gift of an audiobook membership so they can keep learning on the go.


Members enjoy access to frequent invitation-only networking events as well as exclusive benefits from premier travel, lifestyle, and business brands. You can preview the benefits and apply for the card here.

Dinner in a Box

Business leaders rarely just work the 9-5. Sometimes the last thing on their mind is what to eat for dinner that night. That’s where HelloFresh comes in! Gift them a box filled with everything they need to cook an easy—and healthy—dinner for a couple nights.

Coworking Space Membership

More and more people are working remotely today (which is awesome!). But sometimes it’s nice to get out of the house and away from distractions (even the happy distractions like kids and pets) in order to get real focused work done. A membership to a coworking space, like The Department in downtown Phoenix, is the perfect option for many entrepreneurs who are looking for both a focused space and a place to network and collaborate. From come-and-go Flex memberships to dedicated desks to private office suites, The Department offers a place for almost every type of solopreneur, freelancer, or small team to start, run, and grow their business.

Leather Journal & Planner

Entrepreneurs aren’t just hard workers; they’re inventors—always scheming, dreaming, and thinking up new ideas. And everyone knows an idea isn’t real until it’s written down. So help your inventive family member or friend make their dreams real by getting them a classy journal or planner. Here are two great options: one for task lists and staying organized, the other for documenting their goals, ideas, and dreams for the new year—and beyond!

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Life gets busy, and whether someone is working from a coworking space, a coffee shop, or from home—life gets loud. That’s why noise-cancelling headphones are one of our favorite inventions in modern history. When it’s time to get some work done, these headphones are a must-have. (Bonus: This one also includes a microphone so that those important business calls can go uninterrupted.) #GSD

Megaton Coffee

Highly caffeinated entrepreneurs = successful entrepreneurs. Why? Because there aren’t enough hours in a day, or days in a week, to do all the things that need to get done to design, build, launch, sell. That’s where coffee comes in—to help every entrepreneur complete those late night projects and sound lively on those early morning sales calls. They say that one cup of Megaton Coffee is better than two cups of anything else. So drink up!

Insulated Mug

Speaking of coffee, you know what it’s like to pour a piping hot cup of coffee only to get distracted by a million to-do’s before you can even take a few sips? (Entrepreneurs do!) Keep the coffee warm by getting a vacuum insulated mug like a Yeti or a Hydro Flask. Pro-tip: If they are on the go a lot, make sure the mug fits in the cup holder!

Flip Chart Paper (and LOTS of Markers)

How many great ideas started as scribbles on the back of a napkin, later to be hashed out on larger mediums like chalk boards, Dry Erase boards, or oversized sticky notes on the wall? Some entrepreneurs’ offices might remind you of a scene from A Beautiful Mind. That’s because big ideas require big spaces to list goals, draw Venn diagrams, outline marketing campaigns, and create sales pipelines. In the absence of whiteboards, flip chart paper and stacks of sticky notes are perfect for ideation, goal setting, and goal tracking—oh, and plenty of wall space and Sharpies too.

Speaking of notepads…

Waterproof Notepad

Why is it that the best ideas come to you at all the wrong times—like as soon as you step into the shower? Well thankfully we’re not the only ones who have had that problem because someone invented the waterproof notepad for those random shower ideas.

Portable Charger

Phones today are indispensable to any successful small business. Help protect the busy entrepreneur in your life from letting their phone die in the middle of a call with a prospect, customer, or investor. Get them a portable charger that can go anywhere they go—and even fit in a pocket.

Well, there you have it! Those are a few of the ideas we’ve compiled to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone out their hustling be more efficient and successful.

What was your favorite gift you received to help you and your business? Let us know!

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